Submitted by esilva on January 11, 2019

The competition of wineries and breweries is out there and increasing.  San Diego has seen a burst of openings over the recent years. Visiting a new location across our beautiful city is enjoyable.  But what are the odds of your return?  Sure the choice of drink was tasty, it’s the experience or incentives that bring us back.

Businesses have to find ways to be unique.  One way is to create a loyalty program to reinforce loyalty behaviors that increase revenue.  Start by knowing what your customers love and then reward them with exclusive offers and promotions.  Customizing a rewards program can be made easy for you and your customer with Revel Point of Sale. 

Rewarding your customer is building the relationship.  It is proven to increase foot traffic and repeat customers.  Customers need incentives to make the drive or walk back to your location.  It just feels better when it’s worth it.   English Management Solutions Inc. is a certified re-seller of Revel Systems. If you’d like more information on Revel Systems or to schedule a complimentary demo, contact us at 858-467-0400 or email us at