English Management Solutions is located in the heart of San Diego.  We provide assistance with QuickBooks software installation, QuickBooks setup, QuickBooks consulting, and QuickBooks training to make sure you are using all the software features offered. EMS has been providing small business solutions for the retail and restaurant industry since 2002

We invite you to discover your business needs as expert, Mr. Will English analyzes which products work best for you and with you.  QuickBooks has done a great job in creating versions that are user friendly and easy to understand. However, we have found that most people are having trouble setting up there software and are not using QuickBooks features correctly or to its full potential. This can lead to inaccurate data that can affect your business as well as your business decisions. 

It is important to have a system in place that allows you to efficiently manage your finances, sales, and inventory. Setting up your QuickBooks correctly allows you to do that and much more. We've made it our business to support small business owners when they start and as they grow. 

EMS welcomes you to learn more about the QuickBooks products, our services, and special offers and promotions. Contact us and we'll gladly answer all your questions. We can even set up a free 20-30 minute demo with Mr. Will English, ProAdvisor to show you how our products cam be used to your advantage