Submitted by esilva on April 03, 2019

With Lightspeed Mobile POS you can flow from the counter, backroom, and sales floor with an iPad. This reduces line waits and saves time delivering faster and better service.  A mPOS offers the flexibility to sell at any outside event,  helping grow your customer base all in one system.  Lightspeed allows its customers to choose their own payment processor to secure the best rates.

Enjoy Key features of managing inventory, creating customer profiles, and integrating with other helpful apps for loyalty programs, marketing, and accounting solutions.  You can also add notes to each customer, apply promo codes, or give specific discounts to a loyal customer.

Inventory Management is Lightspeeds better attributes, you can create multiple product variations, keeping inventory organized and allows staff to locate items in stock in an instant. You can add discounts on specific items, update prices on multiple items all at once, and set up donations and giveaways. 

Benefits of a cloud based system is seeing real-time updates on your business data from anywhere, including your smartphone. Sales are now processed quickly and easily from anywhere for your convenience and the customers. This is all possible with Lightspeed when setting up an integrated payment provider and card reader.

English Management Solutions is a certified reseller of Lightspeed POS, this mPOS caters to many of our clients. Join other retailers and start navigating a POS that helps manage all aspects of your business.  If you are interested in finding out more information or would like to book a demo of the product, contact us at or call 858-467-0400.