Gross Receipts in QBPOS

Submitted by Will on February 28, 2014

Q&A with Will English

Q: How do you look at a previous year’s gross receipts in POS?

A: Easiest way is to run a Z-Out store close and change the dates to the previous year.  It will show gross sales, returns, net, discount, etc. If you need more information and additional help, please contact us.

We cover many QuickBooks POS topics such as running the Z-Out Drawer Count report, processing end of the day procedures, etc. in our QBPOS Store Operations Handbook. Learn more here. You can order in our webstore or contact us.

Combining Departments in a Report with QuickBooks Point of Sale

Submitted by Will on April 08, 2011

Q: Is there a way to combine departments in a report? We are a Garden Center that sells plant materials as well as mulch, soil and rock. I want to generate a report that summarizes all plant sales vs mulch, soil and rock. Plant departments are items like annuals, grasses, ground cover etc. I need to combine all of the plant departments into a category called “Plant Materials” and the mulch, soil rock etc into one category. 

EMS: Not really. Had we consulted with you we would have advised to set up your departments starting with Plant Mat:Annuals, Plant Mat:Grasses, etc.  In this way, they would be all together for easy grouping.  You can sort of do what you want by using Department Codes.  Codes are no longer required and do not need to be unique.  Therefore, you could put the code PLA in all of the departments that are your plant materials departments.  In this way, you can filter by the dept code

Problems with reports in POS

Submitted by Will on January 09, 2009
If you find yourself running a report and not getting the results you expect, I would try to "revert" the report to it's original version.  To revert, run the report and then click modify report.  At the lower left of the modify button is a revert button.  Press this button and it will run the report as original configured.  Then you can modify from there.  Sometimes POS will not clear all of the filters even if you remove them and this is a quick way to make sure.