Submitted by Will on May 29, 2015

Q&A with Will English:
Today’s topic is: QBPOS Refunding a Non-Discounted Purchase Price

Our client who manages a nutritional supplement retail store just experienced an issue when a customer returned an item that was bought on sale, QuickBooks Point of Sale (QBPOS) refunded it at the regular price.  

Client: Our cashier just showed me something in POS that needs fixing. If she sells a product to which a discount has been applied, and then the customer returns the product, POS refunds the non-discounted purchase price.

The actual example was, a product that is currently on sale at 15% off. POS automatically applies the discount when the product is sold, but the next day, the customer brought the product back. POS refunded the non-discounted price to his card. Any fix for this or adjustment needed to our procedure?

Will’s answer: Yes, the customer needs to bring the receipt back and the receipt is scanned using the Accept a Return exchange under the “I want to” menu.  In this way, the actual receipt will be brought up with the discounted price listed to be refunded.  It is a little weird that being on sale it would not have scanned at the discount price as a return.