Submitted by Will on November 03, 2015

Will English co-authored a QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) Store Operations Handbook, which is a step-by-step guide with screenshot tips for QuickBooks POS. Bookkeepers, retailers, accountants and consultants find it very helpful in performing many of the daily POS tasks.

A consumer who runs a stone and landscaping yard stated that their inventory was never properly set-up in QBPOS. She had the following questions after reading through the handbook.

Client wrote:
Mr. English,
I run a stone and landscaping yard and we use the POS and QBF software. Inventory was never set up correctly and I have purchased your book in assisting me in many areas which need attention. However, I have two issues I couldn’t find discussed in the book.
1. Tax Exempt sales leaving a penny or two in the QBFS to be deposited
2. Our Inventory consist of stone and soil and we have multiple units of measure’s in which we use. I use a 5 gallon bucket as the base unit for the soils (there are 34.8 – 5 gallon buckets to a cubic yard) and pounds for all stone sales. (Two thousand pounds per ton). Would you recommend assemblies for the blends and if so what would you recommend for waste? Also, do you think POS is the software in which I should be using or recommend?

Will’s reply: First of all, thanks for buying our book and glad you have found it a help. There is a problem with using the exempt category built in to the program and for this reason, we recommend creating a Sale Tax Location for each of your exempt categories and use those. That should correct that problem.

As for the assemblies, you can do assemblies but in this case a better solution would be to do a zero dollar receiving voucher. To do that, minus (-) each of the buckets that make up a blend and then plus (+) the blend item. In this way, you can handle the waste issue and as long as the dollar value of the voucher is zero, you have properly costed the blend. If you have any more questions, call the office and we can set an appointment to step you through it.

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