Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions V2014

Submitted by Will on September 25, 2013

Intuit released a new version of QuickBooks Enterprise! This year they have made a few changes and given Enterprise Solutions a whole new level of flexibility, with the familiar QuickBooks look and feel.

Some of the latest features and enhancements are:
Communicate more efficiently
QuickBooks 2014 streamlines communication with customers and other business contacts, so you can share the latest information more easily and reduce errors. New customizable email templates let you auto-populate QuickBooks data like invoice number and amount due, helping to ensure accurate communication. Plus, with the new income tracker you will always know the status of your money coming in, so you can stay on top of your receivables and over dues.

Accomplish more with new exclusive features
You can now do more to manage your end-to-end workflow right inside QuickBooks. The new Work-In- Progress and Committed Costs reports make it easier to manage your jobs. You can now use the BOM cost as your assembly cost, and the Where-Used report helps you save even more time managing assemblies. Our improved Auto POs turn purchasing into a two-click operation without worrying about minimum or maximum stock levels. And now, with our improved search technology, you can find your data 60% faster than ever before.*

Add-On tools help the software work harder for you
You already know about Advanced Inventory, and we are now pleased to announce our latest Add-On, Advanced Pricing. With the Advanced Pricing Add-On, you can take charge of your pricing and make it work harder for you–and for your bottom line. Easily change, customize and automate your pricing right inside QuickBooks. You can create thousands of sophisticated price rules based on any combination of customers, items, vendors, classes, custom fields and more. In addition, you can manage price rules with great flexibility: apply multiple price rules at once and change which price rules apply before completing the transaction.

A few things to note:
Full Service Plan:  After the initial purchase of QBES, Customers will continue to receive the benefits of the latest version of QBES thanks to the annual FSP.Each year after the initial purchase, Intuit will notify you of your upcoming renewal. If you choose to continue with the subscription, Intuit will automatically debit your account for the amount of the then current annual renewal fee. You may choose to cancel your subscription at any time. Some of the additional benefits are unlimited Intuit tech support, automatic product upgrades of any new versions upon release along with updates to your current version, integrated apps & services, etc.  You can read more about what it includes here.

Customers who have the Full Service Plan received the newest version of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions with all the latest features and enhancements earlier this week.

Intuit has made it easy to download. Tip from Intuit: Want to make your upgrade smoother than ever before? We recommend installing R9 before installing Enterprise Solutions 14.0. You can install R9 by clicking here or look for a popup within QuickBooks.

Via email- you should have received an email with a direct link to retrieve your software.* 

Within QuickBooks– you will see alert messages within QuickBooks with quick and easy steps to access your upgrade.

*For Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Hosting Service customers, you will receive a separate email with details on how Right Networks will install 14.0 for you.

Customers Who Did Not Maintain the FSP:  If you want to upgrade to the newest version of QBES, you will purchase the software for the appropriate amount of users for your business needs. This purchase will include the first year of FSP. The FSP pricing has remained unchanged: $950 (1-5 users), $1450 (6-10 users), $2450 (30 users).

And Don’t Forget: Now, QBES is offered in single user increments from 1-10 users, so you only have to buy exactly as many users as you need.  Down the line, you can affordably add users to support your growing business. QBES is still available in 5, 10, and 30 user increments.

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions R8 Patch

Submitted by Will on July 02, 2013

The Release 8 (R8) patch for QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions v13 is now available online in the support forum. The release notes knowledge base can be found online at You can download the patch via the help menu or from this site.

What is important about this release?
* Billable time in the Choose Billable/Time Costs window is now sorted by date instead of Employee name.
* Third party software will no longer experience the following errors when connecting to QuickBooks:

  • Unrecoverable Error 00000 03667
  • Sync Error 17_7005 - "Could not detect a valid installation of QuickBooks SDK:7005 qbXML components have not been installed"

Keep in mind if you run into any problems doing the webpatch or auto patch, your best bet is to do a clean install with the full program download (which is at R8).

This notice is provided as a convenience for our customers and is not intended to supplement, modify, or extend the Intuit software license agreement between Intuit and the customer for any Intuit product or service.

Deposits Received in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

Submitted by Will on July 23, 2012

Q & A with Will English
Showing Deposits Received in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

Question from one of our clients who uses the Enterprise Solutions accounting software:
We have a customer that paid a deposit in advance of receiving products.
The funds were received in June in our old system.
We will invoice for the products this month in our new system.
How can I best show this deposit received? Do I set up an invoice with beginning balance? In short, I want to issue a new invoice for the total amount and then show the balance reduced by funds already received.

Will’s answer: Create another charge item called Customer Deposits. 
Point it at whatever account you are using for customer deposits. 
Create the invoice using that item and discount it to the opening balance equity. Then, on the new invoice, use the same item but minus it on that invoice.  It will remove the customer deposit liability and reduce the invoice.

QuickBooks Bundle of Enterprise Solutions and Advanced Inventory

Submitted by Will on April 20, 2012

Don’t miss the Advanced Inventory Soft Bundle of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions + Advanced Inventory!

Save 30% off QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 5, 10, and 30 user software with the purchase of Advanced Inventory. The 30% off does not apply to the Advanced Inventory. Learn more about Advanced Inventory and Enterprise Solutions. This offer applies to current and new Enterprise customers. Duration is from April 15 - April 30, 2012. Contact us today!


Upgrading Database to QuickBooks ES

Submitted by Will on January 18, 2012

A tip from Will in regards to upgrading a database to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions:

Q: I'll be upgrading our database this weekend to QB Enterprise. Is there anything special I should do on the server or w/the database in terms of best practices?

A: In general, you want to upgrade the database on a local drive. I would copy it to a local machine, do the upgrade, and then copy it back to the server. That way you don't have to install the full application on the database server.


QB Enterprise v12 and Warehouse Mgmt Plug-In

Submitted by Will on January 03, 2012

Q & A with William (Will) English

Question: Does 2012 Enterprise allow me to have multiple price points for items in my item list. Say for example I have 6 parts that I can get from10 different suppliers for different prices. Can I have different prices for each vendor or do I have to have 10 separate items in the system reflecting those price differences?

Will's response: No. The new version does have an add-on called Advanced Inventory which allows you to choose Fifo inventory rather than average cost.  QuickBooks Point of Sale (QBPOS) allows for 5 different vendors, SKU’s and costs, but still uses average cost.  You may want to consider a warehouse management plug in for QuickBooks that will allow more flexibility.

QB Enterprise Solutions and MISys

Submitted by Will on December 09, 2011

Will has been working with a manufacturing client who purchased the QuickBooks (QB) Enterprise Solutions (ES) 5 user software and the MISYS Manufacturing software system. The company performs installation of quality foam roofing and insulation systems. They engineer, design, and install their product so manufacturing is a large part of their business. The MISys product will allow them to have a better understanding of their manufacturing costs and more accurate and immediate access to their inventory numbers.
Last week Will remotely installed the Enterprise Solutions software. Today, he was onsite at their company located in Fresno, CA to install the MISys system, assist the staff with preparing the data for migration, and set-up the QB file. The client will be assigned a MISys Sure Start Coach to train them on how to use the system and its applications. We provide training on the use of Enterprise Solutions. This training will be completed remotely since this doesn’t require Will to be onsite.

More information about MISys:
MISys Manufacturing provides basic manufacturing inventory control through advanced MRP and production control and expands its functionality as your needs grow – you pay only for what you need and use. Deploy any way you want – on a desktop PC, company network, or over the Internet. Since MISys Manufacturing is web-enabled, keeping tabs on production activities a world away is easy. MISys Manufacturing software offers all the functionality a small to medium-sized QuickBooks manufacturing firm needs today. Turn your QuickBooks accounting software into an Industrial-Strength Manufacturing System.
Learn more about Enterprise Solutions

Learn more about MISys Manufacturing