Submitted by Will on April 24, 2015

April 22nd is when Earth Day is usually celebrated. It is a good to time to think about the changes that we can all make to more environmentally friendly. Here are some of the things we have put into practice:

Email invoices instead of mailing them. The only time we don’t use email is if a client specifically requests the snail mail option, and we only have one client who has made that request.

Save emailed information in an electronic format instead of printing the pages.

If and when you mistakenly print one sided pages, or you don’t need every page that was printed, mark the printed side to indicate that it is trash. Then, reuse that paper when you need to print internal documents. Just print on the blank back side.

Recycle as many items as allowed. Here is a link to the Waste Management website page What Can I Recycle? We have more options than we’re probably aware of. Disclaimer: we are in no way affiliated with Waste Management and are not endorsing their company. This site has been provided as a resource only.

Turn lights off when leaving a room, unless that means putting your boss or co-worker in the dark! : ) In that case, you may want to leave the light on. If you have a window that brings in ample light, use desk lamps instead of overhead lighting and lamps.

The QuickBooks software is offered as a download which offers a quick and easy installation. There’s nothing to mail, so no packaging and waste.