Submitted by Will on September 08, 2014

We have the advantage of working with clients nationwide by hosting virtual meetings. This allows us to quickly assist clients, and it’s more cost effective for everyone involved. With screen sharing capabilities, Will is able to efficiently support clients with their software and Bookkeeping needs, and teach them how to use their system. All participants are also connected by audio so they are on the same line and hear everything in real time. So is there a time when an onsite visit to an out-of-town client is advantageous?

We think so. Will is spending a few days visiting one of our out-of-state client’s at their multiple locations as well as at some of their Franchisee’s stores. This particular retailer specializes in gourmet seasonings and specialty cooking herbs and spices. The franchise is continually growing. Will has spent several hours total assisting the owners with the QuickBooks installation and training, providing much needed support, via remote meetings. With all of that time under their belt, Will decided that it would enhance our business relationship with them to visit the stores in person. He wants to show our commitment to their success and to put a face with the name. An on-site visit can also make a huge impact on Will’s understanding of their business. He will get a proper tour, meet the owners and key employees, and immerse himself in their world for a few days. And sometimes things are more clearly understood when explained in person.

It’s truly seeing them succeed that counts.